Oct 10, 2014

Mercury Retrograde-Not Today!


Planet Mercury goes retrograde October 4-25 2014. This is when the planet of Mercury appears to be moving backwards around the Sun. Making everything seem more difficult. Difficulties with digital and electronic devices, relationships, communication, travel…

Being a Virgo it feels awful for me. Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury. Mercury is associated with communication, emotions, intellect, travel, transportation,short trips, air.

I don’t feel like doing anything. When I do, it seems like it doesn’t turn out well.

October Mercury Retrograde began on October 4th 2014. I hit a deer the very next morning on the way to work. *lol* At the time I didn’t know we were in Mercury Retrograde again already. I actually did not look at my witch calendar until a few days later. After thing after thing after thing seemed to be going badly.

The graphic below has an old date on it. Maybe from last year. But it still helps educate us on what is happening during a Mercury Retrograde.




I really like this little graphic. It really made me stop and think today. After I hit that deer. (The 2nd one in four months mind you). I was asking myself what is the Universe telling me? What message am I suppose to be getting from this? Today I saw this Mercury Retrograde graphic.
Reconsider. Repair. Reflect. Reconnect. WELL. That certainly speaks volumes! I didn’t even know what the word retrograde meant. NOW it all makes perfect sense.

I’m on my way to a job that makes me feel down, unappreciated, that they think I’m a machine, a robot, unhuman. Just an object that can not think for itself and just does what its told to do.
Very underpaid for the amount of physical, mental and emotional stress and strain C.N.A.s endure every day. I have not been a very spiritual being lately. I do not feel very connected to nature lately. I am so exhausted I barely feel alive anymore at all! I feel very out of sorts, disconnected, out of balance and unaligned. Hmmm… Retrograde… Reconsider? – Reconsider – where am I going. Is it someplace I want to be going? No. 
Repair? What do I need to repair. Myself. My spirit. My wellbeing.
Reflect? What do I reflect on at the end of the day? Is it something positive that happened throughout my day? No. How can I change that? – Reconnect!

Reconnect with a higher spiritual being. Reconnect with nature. Reconnect through meditation and ritual. Reconnect by reading, learning, doing…

Witch's Pyramid:
To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Secret.
Copied from PaganWiccanAbout.com

The phrase refers to four important reminders about the practice of Wicca. Although the interpretations may vary, in general, you can follow these explanations as beginning guidelines:

To Know refers to the idea that the spiritual journey is one of knowledge -- and that knowledge is never-ending. If we are indeed "to know," then we must constantly be learning, questioning, and expanding our horizons. Also, we must know ourselves before we can know our true paths.

To Dare can be interpreted as to have the courage we need to grow. By daring ourselves to step out of our comfort zone, to be something that people see as "other," we are in fact fulfilling our own need "to dare." We are facing that which is unknown, moving into a realm that is far outside what we're used to.

To Will means to have determination and perseverance. Nothing of any value comes with ease, and spiritual growth is no exception. Want to be a competent practitioner of magic? Then you better study, and work at it. If you make the choice to evolve and grow spiritually, then you will be able to do so -- but it is, in fact, a choice we make. Our will guides us, and will lead us to success. Without it, we are stagnant.

To Keep Silent seems like it should be an obvious one, but it's a bit more complex than it appears on the surface. To be certain, "keeping silent" means that we need to make sure we never out other members of the Pagan community without their permission, and to some extent, it means we need to keep our practices private. However, it also means that we need to learn the value of inner silence. It is a rare person indeed who recognizes that sometimes the unspoken is more important than the words we utter.

TODAY I woke up and decided to be productive in my business. And things have been going great today. I am a new Younique Presenter. I started reading through some files this morning and found an interesting Daily Routines List. I followed it. I actually got through the first actions! Wooohooo!!! So proud of myself!!  
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Oct 3, 2014


What we want, is not always the same as what we need...

I am happy to move forward and that new and exciting opportunities have come my way. I am now a qualified Younique Presenter!  I have struggled with the thought of leaving Passion Parties. It was heart breaking to me to give up. But now new opportunities have come to me that make it not 'as' sad. And I don't feel like I failed or that I'm quitting. My time with Passion Parties was a huge personal growth experience. It brought me closer to my sister Jenny and enabled us to be a big part of one another's lives, like never before.

But it feels as though it is time for me to expand. To experience other new things... 

I am looking for people ready to own their own business or make some extra cash. If you are ready for an inspiring experience contact me today :)
I am also looking for others in the same field to network with.
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