Oct 3, 2014


What we want, is not always the same as what we need...

I am happy to move forward and that new and exciting opportunities have come my way. I am now a qualified Younique Presenter!  I have struggled with the thought of leaving Passion Parties. It was heart breaking to me to give up. But now new opportunities have come to me that make it not 'as' sad. And I don't feel like I failed or that I'm quitting. My time with Passion Parties was a huge personal growth experience. It brought me closer to my sister Jenny and enabled us to be a big part of one another's lives, like never before.

But it feels as though it is time for me to expand. To experience other new things... 

I am looking for people ready to own their own business or make some extra cash. If you are ready for an inspiring experience contact me today :)
I am also looking for others in the same field to network with.
Did you know Younique is 100% social media based! YES! Having your Younique party is SO easy. You get to play on facebook and earn awesome goodies! 


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