Sep 28, 2011

Stressful News.. Or Not?

This morning when I checked the mail. I got really mad, then really really stressed. But as I sit at my computer 30 minutes after the fact. I began to think I am a witch. Why am I wasting energy on stress. My Goddess & God will look after me. They always do. And always have. Why do I want to waste my good energy on filling my body with negative energy. Well I do not choose that path. I will take action to fight back. I will not lie down and go away. I am a witch. I am strong. I always rise above the ashes victorious like a phoenix rising from the ashes of chaos and destruction.

The piece of paper that arrived in the mail today is a denial of unemployment benefits. I've been paying my bills with my last paycheck and my retirement fund I cashed out. But it's getting low & was hoping to get unemployment since I was harassed at work by administration until I cracked and quit.

But I guess the way I worded it, unemployment got the idea that I quit because I was being repremanded. That is so NOT what was going on, on my last day. That was the end of the line. It was the last straw. And it was all bullshit!

So, I will appeal. It also did not help that I had to keep starting over on their digital form because it was timing out and not saving what I had typed out!! So, I will also tell them that.

Bright Blessings, Raven )O(

Sep 26, 2011

Link to me

I have decided to make a button for my blog for those who are interested...
The graphics are drawn & colored by me using paintshop pro X2


Sep 24, 2011

1st Candle Crafting!

Took a shot at some candle crafting tonight. Wasn't sure how much wax would go and how far. If that makes any sense. *lol* So I started with 3 cups. Which to me seemed like a lot. But it wasn't sugar. So it didn't go very far. Just 3 votives and 1 wineglass. (soy wax flakes).

But I did achieve the color I was wanting. And I would like my glitter more spread out the next time. And I do like the scent that I used also. Most of this was just winging it. My thermometer didn't work. So I was really really winging it in that area!

Temp to add my scent & color is 160 F & pour temp is 150F. I was thinking it would cool really
fast so I was trying to hurry hurry hurry. I feel like I could have waited just a smidgen longer
to pour though.
So, here are some pics of my very 1st hand poured candle crafting experience.

soy wax flakes



The Mabon Season...

This week I have been celebrating the coming of autumn with crafts. Yesterday I went shopping w/ a friend & picked up some crafts that will be used in my candle crafting. All my supplies have shown up for my candle and incense crafting.

I'm so excited to be starting candle making. I've been interested in candles, herbs, alchemy for such a long time. And it really feels free and wonderful to finally be living my dreams.

I'd also like to share a link. I've just listened to my 1st pagan podcast today. Very interesting.

Sep 12, 2011

Harvest Moon ~ Wishing Moon ... 2011

Our Harvest Moon ...

What does harvest mean to you. To bring forth, to finish, a new beginning, a new cycle...

I would like to share a poem I recently wrote about the moon.

Moon so big & bold
burning embers of silver & gold.
If only you were mine to hold
what divine mysteries would unfold.
(finished on September 3, 2011 - started on 9/13/11)

The harvest moon is a special moon. Also a wishing moon
I really don't have much to say. I feel quiet like it is a time of reflection for me. I am noticing a pattern though. And I do not understand it. I get sick and or moody right before the full moon. Once it is full, then I'm find & full of energy... I've been tracking this in my book of shadows for 3 months now.

Here is one of my harvest moon photos from tonight.

Sep 5, 2011

Mabon Approaching

With Mabon approaching I have been purchasing more and more candles, books, & supplies.
Autumn is my favorite time of year. I feel a calmness in the air. The esbat for the month of September is the Harvest Moon & it is also a Wishing Moon. I am wanting to have a naming ritual for myself to claim my true magickal name that I was given through dream some months ago. I had thought that the Wishing Moon would be perfect. Autumn being my favorite season as well as the sign I was born under - Virgo. So my birthday being this month. Actually tomorrow. September 6th. I thought September would be perfect for my naming ceremony. But then a few days ago. I wasn't even thinking about anything even related to my practice. All of a sudden this big thought just jumped right into my head. That Samhain would be more meaningful. And so it will be.

Samhain pronounced - [ Sow-in ] [ Sahm-hayn ]
is the celtic new year. A time when the veil is the thinnest between the worlds. And a time of reverence. A time to remember those who have walked before us. Those who have sacrificed and paved the way. And to remember our own dead ancestors in both our own families as well as in the craft.

I've always felt that Samhain or Halloween as I used to call it is such a magickal day. I only just now am learning why I have had those feelings.
Here is a wonderful page on Samhain.

Thus far into my path I have celebrated each Sabbat starting with Beltane. I will probably make Beltane as my 'a year and a day'. Unless I can find the date that I signed up with Seasons in Avalon. According to my lessons I am 7 months into my classes through there. I started my path the ending of March. All of the rituals and feasts, activities I've done with each of my very 1st Sabbats have been so wonderful and meaningful. I have documented them all through photography and journaling.

For my birthday my daughter Nicole is sending me a Barnes & Noble gift card. I'm wanting so badly to get this wonderful book I've heard about by Ellen Dugan. - Autumn Equinox.

I have the feeling it will be one of my more treasured books.
I am blessed that my family is supportive of my path.

Well I'm off for my morning dedication & prayer. Well, today it will be more like an afternoon one.
I always feel so much better afterwards too. Its amazing. So full of energy. So awake and alert. And ready to
conquer whatever comes my way...
Blessed Be Isis )O(

                                                        signature crafted by me
                                                                                          outlines purchased at ALP
                                                                                                          colored by me

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