Sep 24, 2011

1st Candle Crafting!

Took a shot at some candle crafting tonight. Wasn't sure how much wax would go and how far. If that makes any sense. *lol* So I started with 3 cups. Which to me seemed like a lot. But it wasn't sugar. So it didn't go very far. Just 3 votives and 1 wineglass. (soy wax flakes).

But I did achieve the color I was wanting. And I would like my glitter more spread out the next time. And I do like the scent that I used also. Most of this was just winging it. My thermometer didn't work. So I was really really winging it in that area!

Temp to add my scent & color is 160 F & pour temp is 150F. I was thinking it would cool really
fast so I was trying to hurry hurry hurry. I feel like I could have waited just a smidgen longer
to pour though.
So, here are some pics of my very 1st hand poured candle crafting experience.

soy wax flakes




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