Jun 18, 2012

So many AH HAH Moments today!

Today I started off reading up more on Summer Solstice to put articles into my forum. The Witches' Garden. But 'eh felt kinda gloomy & not inspired to do any of my own writing really. And ended up copy/pasting info from about.com (with credit links of course)

Then somehow I ended up on youtube looking more at Charming Pixie Flora's videos. I hadn't watched any of her stuff since last spring. Found myself looking at all sorts of videos. That were really deep, meaningful, and that I sincerely identified with. What was going on? I was being drawn in closer & closer. And even crying. Because what Flora was saying was so true. Because she was hitting on so many things I've thought. How could another human being possibly have thought the exact same things I've thought & said.
Was this all happening for a reason. Well of course. What is the reason? To get me excited about my path again? Possibly...

In fact I did end up being so moved that now I really felt like writing in my blog. I tried one of her summer solstice incense oil recipes. And love it! And why shouldn't I. It has peppermint, which I was just reading only a few days ago lifts your spirits, relieves depression. And now here I was feeling so uplifted and inspired. How amazing. I even added some of her videos to my forum. Then thought!
O-M-G! What if I feel this inspired all the time. What if I go look at 1 video a week and blog on my thoughts based on that video. Share how it makes me feel. Then just what if other people see my posts and start blogging along with me! *giggles* How fun would that be :)

So, I decided to write to Flora & share my idea with her. It is not an original idea. *lol* I already belong to some pagan blog prompts afterall. Maybe it will catch on and be fun though. It would be really nice to have someone to blog back and forth with. 

I'm in 2 upcoming auctions on Tophatter. (Live, real-time, virtual auctions). I'm loving tophatter!
Hosted by me: HeartCraft Handmades-Art with Heart June 30th
Facebook Group to ask questions, stay up-to-date on future auctions... - HeartCraft

I'm also involved with a wonderful group of pagan ladies:
Enchanted Arts Auctions. These are once a month. Our 2nd one is coming up July 5th.


Blessed Be )O( WiccanMoon xo 

Jun 15, 2012

Everything Happens For a Reason...

They say everything happens for a reason. And I've always believed that. We don't always understand at the time why the particular thing or chain of events is happening to us. Especially if its not a very good experience. But 'after the darkness, comes the light'! Yes I am just a bundle of sayings. *giggles* Good things come to those who wait. I believe that one too. And am actually experiencing all of these right now.

All of a sudden i'm running into family members of residents from a nursing home I use to work at. Left, and am now actually trying to get re-hired at. So, that has to be a sign of something good. Right?! I feel like it is. They say really wonderful things to me that make me feel so so good.

I'm also finally starting to sell some of my crafted products! woohoo!!! And yesterday I even put together my own logo/label to put onto my products. Just need to find some help in printing them out in the correct size so they are no all pixeled out. *lol*

I'm so so excited about upcoming Litha also! It is my favorite sabbat of all. Family, food, fun, outdoors...

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