Nov 30, 2011

Kitchen Witch Wednesday ~ Coffee Cake

Home made coffee cake!
I have been thinking about my dad's home made coffee cake all day long today. I think I'm excited to make some. So, this week for Kitchen Witch Wednesday, I will share my family's recipe for our creamy coffee cake.

This is adapted from my great grandmother's recipe. I'm thinking the part that changed is the dough. We don't make the dough from scratch. But I'm thinking of adding something more homey and crafty to it this year. so maybe I'll find a good recipe for making sweet dough. So, in the modern age we buy 1 box of sweetroll mix.
1 large sour cream (16 oz I think)
                                        1 pint of heavy whipping cream
a drop or two of either lemon juice or white vinegar

Prepare ground cinnamon and sugar (heavy on the cinnamon) in a small bowl that you can easily shake/sprinkle from.

In medium mixing bowl stir together your sour cream and heavy whipping cream and lemon juice or white vinegar. Cover with towel and set aside.

In a large mixing bowl prepare the sweetroll mix as directed on the box.
Shape into ball. Leave in bowl, cover with towel to let rise a bit.

In a large cookie sheet with a tall edge on it, pour out your sweetroll dough. Start to softly shape it into the pan. It will take some time to get it all spread out to all of the edges. I just kind of push it with the base of my hand and keep working it softly and gently. When its spread to all of the edges
you will go around the edges the edge of your hand using it like a hammer to form an edge (crust) around it. And make it look like a swimming pool. *lol*  Cover with towel. Let set for 5 minutes.

Then go back and this is the fun part! -- fold your fingers down and use your middle knuckles to punch little knuckle divits all over the dough. (not the crust though) Punch, punch, punch... Not so hard to tear it though.

Let set 5 minutes.

Go back and do it again, the dough will be all nice a puffy and make sure your just getting it all punched down with dents.

Take your cream mixture and carefully pour it in the center. It will fill the pan right up to the crust.

Now take your cinnamon mixture and shake it evenly all across the top and all over the crust too.
Let it soak up the cream and have a nice even coating of it over the top.

Now lets bake her at 350 degrees for about 20 - 25 minutes or until bubbling and golden brown.

Now, my dad advises me not to eat it right away and burn myself. *lol*
But I will say it is best all warm and gooey! Whats a little scalded tongue....

I hope you will enjoy your wonderful Clayton's Coffee Cake! (my maiden name)

Nov 29, 2011

A Lot Going On...

wow lots going on again. I've been doing rituals for job success. And I recieved a wishing bracelet in one of my 'new witch' kits from Under The New Moon. The note with the wishing bracelet said to put it on. Make my wish & before the string on the bracelet wears out, my wish will manifest. Indeed!

On Thanksgiving day, I got a call asking me to help care for someone's mother. Who used to be a resident at the retirement center I used to work at. She is actually my mother in laws patient. And my m.i.l. is on vacation right now. And there was an emergency with the husband. So, I went out that evening and got her ready for bed. And have been going out every morning and some days staying until after lunch & going back in the evenings
on some days. Just depends on who is there that can help.

It's really really good to be working again taking care of people!! I'm a C.N.A. (certified nursing assistant)
And I've been out of work since mid June. So, close to 6 months.
And now the husband had to have emergency kidney surgeries. And is going to be starting
chemotherapy also.

I've also been working on my forum a bit more.
The Witches' Garden
I'm really hoping that I will be able to keep it. I'm on a free trial of it right now.
And the middle of December I'll be billed $25.00 a month
So, I'm hoping to keep working even after my MIL gets back to work too w/ our patient.
She works 3 days a week. And I have been offered to pick up the other 4 days.
Which was actually a dream of mine. *giggle* - to just work 4 days a week. :D

And I've also got a lil sale going on at my shop -
Sacred Oaks Alchemy

Here we are headed into December. But it doesnt feel like christmas to
me at all!

Nov 23, 2011


::: My 1st Kitchen Witch Wednesday :::

Kitchen Witch Wednesday A kitchen witch blessing as you stir your food with love and contentment.

Stirring round and round with my power hand
Goddess Brighid please guide me now
Through love health and work all is grand
This to you I vow...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I love writing quatrains. I'm not saying I'm actually good at it. But
it is fun & creative. I hope that with time I will get better at it, and the
right words will arrive on my lips.

Join Emerlyn Rayne in her Kitchen Witch Wednesday as I have.
Originally started by Emberlyn Rayne at Mom's a Witch

Nov 9, 2011

The College of the Sacred Mists Online Wiccan College

I felt compelled to speak of The College of the  Sacred Mists wiccan college today. I can no longer attend because of my financial woes - of being out of work. Which is only $25.00 a month to attend. Not a huge amount and good price for all that they offer.

But I just want to send out a huge compliment to all who make the college a wonderful place to be. And also I love the teaching system they use. I was only there for a short time. But I utilized a lot of the extra courses. And they are valuable tools to me that I use everyday.

The exercises they teach. What all is involved in the homework. I really value the knowledge and experiences gained through Sacred Mists, on an everyday level. I loved the deity research at the end of each lesson in addition to the homework. And it is the shielding teachings that I use everyday that I am particularly fond of. The visualization that I used on my sheilding experience is still with me. And I call on it often.

I do not know how many people this will reach. Or even how many it will reach who attend or teach at Sacred Mists. If it even reaches one person I think that will be enough for me though. That means there is at least one person in the universe who knows my thoughts, gratitude and love I have for Sacred Mists. I miss it dearly. Maybe someday I'll be able to go back...

Nov 2, 2011

New Candle!

New candle added to My Etsy Shoppe yesterday

November Rayne

This candle is poured with parafin wax with out any color added to the wax.
It has silver and green glitter added throughout the candle.
It is crafting in modern chunky style in the ways of the olde craft
using correspondences for love, prosperity, and protection.

Orange chunks from my 'Alluring Autumn' candle were added which
has the scent of warm honey and melted butter. Brownish/Wine colored
heart chunks also add to the creativity of this candle. The hearts are from the same
wax blend as my cinnaberry candles (scented with cinnamon & hollyberry).
A few green wax chunks are also added, as well as shavings of non-colored
parafin wax. Giving this candle a special pock/chunk look. As well as a couple
of secret ingredients...

Dressed with a light olive green organza ribbon tied in a bow binding the
love, prosperity, and protection to this candle.
Dried rosemary and roses are sprinled throughout this candle.
Infusing it with love, harmony, protection, prosperity, joy, and an uplifted spirit.

This candle would be perfect in a ritual or to scent your home...

Nov 1, 2011

Samhain-November 1st 2011

HecateGoddess of Witches . Associated with Isis . Thought to give
instruction to the arts of alchemy . moon goddess . triple goddess .
Associated with magick, witchcraft, crossroads, walls, gates, and doorways .
torch . sword . dogs . thunder shrieks yells and barking dogs are heard upon her travel...

I had a wonderful ritual last night on the eve of Samhain. I'll get to that later. 1st I must say how enlightened I am to have just learned the truth of Hecate today. I (and I have no idea why) thought she was evil. I don't have a reason for thinking that. Now that I have learned of her history I have the overwhelming feeling that she is deeply sacred. An extremely important Goddess. I want to know more about Hecate and Morrighan...

Now for last nights ritual. Interesting! I used what words came to me. I'm not huge on planning. So, I didn't write out my ritual word for word. I'm a wing-it sort of person. *lol* Drives my sister insane. Guess I truely am a hedge witch. *hee hee* I also used parts of Scott Cunningham's samhain ritual from his renowned book: Wicca - A guide for the solitary practitioner. And also borrowed from Ann Moura's samhain ritual. I didn't cast a circle. But I think that I will tonight. I had also decided that it would not be necessary for me to do a naming ceremony. But then all of a sudden at the end of my ritual, I was gazing into the flame of my black candle that I created myself with different shades of orange dripping down it. All the words just came to me. And I claimed my name bestowed to me through dream.

For my rememberence of the dead part of my ritual I spoke to my grandma. I let her know how much I love her and how proud she would be of me if she were here to see all that I've done and all that I've become. Continued on to say that if she would like to come through the doorway just for tonight for a moment, she is welcome to do so. Then I sat silent for a moment with my eyes closed memories of her and I swirling around in my head. Just then I started to hear this loud crackling sound. I tried to not break my visualization. But I did look. And a dried rose i used to decorate my samhain candle came into the bottom of my candle. How I have no idea. Since I didnt put any roses near the wick. But it was so perfect since my grandma Jennings loved roses. She had a rose garden. And my grandpa picked a fresh rose for her everyday and brought it in and it was put into a special goblet glass of water.

I also said good-bye to the past year of bad thoughts, terrible experiences, sadnesses. Wrote down on a piece of parchment paper the thing I would like to rid myself of most. And welcomed the new year, new joy, new experiences, new knowledge in the coming year and welcomed happiness.

I also incorporated samhain correspondences such as black and orange candles. I had another candle on my altar which I also made and it turned out w/ an image of a black cat on 1 side. It was suppose to just be a swirly design with dark candle coloring. *lol* My altar cloth was black with gold triple moon in the middle. and a pentacle in the center. I made my own incense. Not so sure I'm very crazy about the scent though. It may end up in the trash. *lol*
Ingredients: broom wood, red sandalwood, mugwort, patchouli, rosemary, yarrow, myrrh resin, flax seeds, frankincense resin, 11 drops of cedarwood oil, 2 drops of ylang ylang oil.

My ritual was performed at 12:30 at night. Wind blowing. A cauldron in my window burned an orange candle. Which when it was extinguished the wick kind of has a crescent moon shape to it. And the glitter inside the candle all went to 1 side to also make a crescent moon shape. ??
I also had candles in other windows in my home to guide the spirits.
Today is perfect. cold, somber, snowy/rainy dreary! Very calming and comforting.

Some of my Samhain / Halloween Pics:
My 1st Samhain
October 31st 12:30 a.m.
Samhain Altar
Stones: moonstone, carnelian, garnet
candles: black and orange - handmade by me

Samhain Candle Cauldron
placed in my bedroom (magickal space) window next to my altar.

Cauldron Candle
I thought it was interesting how the wick shaped like a cresent moon
after being burned.

Then I noticed how the glitter all went to one side forming
the shape of a crescent moon too. As you can see the
glitter started out all over the entire candle.
(look around the edges)
The next few pics are of my grandkids Evey (11) & Dante (7)

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