Nov 9, 2011

The College of the Sacred Mists Online Wiccan College

I felt compelled to speak of The College of the  Sacred Mists wiccan college today. I can no longer attend because of my financial woes - of being out of work. Which is only $25.00 a month to attend. Not a huge amount and good price for all that they offer.

But I just want to send out a huge compliment to all who make the college a wonderful place to be. And also I love the teaching system they use. I was only there for a short time. But I utilized a lot of the extra courses. And they are valuable tools to me that I use everyday.

The exercises they teach. What all is involved in the homework. I really value the knowledge and experiences gained through Sacred Mists, on an everyday level. I loved the deity research at the end of each lesson in addition to the homework. And it is the shielding teachings that I use everyday that I am particularly fond of. The visualization that I used on my sheilding experience is still with me. And I call on it often.

I do not know how many people this will reach. Or even how many it will reach who attend or teach at Sacred Mists. If it even reaches one person I think that will be enough for me though. That means there is at least one person in the universe who knows my thoughts, gratitude and love I have for Sacred Mists. I miss it dearly. Maybe someday I'll be able to go back...


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