Nov 2, 2011

New Candle!

New candle added to My Etsy Shoppe yesterday

November Rayne

This candle is poured with parafin wax with out any color added to the wax.
It has silver and green glitter added throughout the candle.
It is crafting in modern chunky style in the ways of the olde craft
using correspondences for love, prosperity, and protection.

Orange chunks from my 'Alluring Autumn' candle were added which
has the scent of warm honey and melted butter. Brownish/Wine colored
heart chunks also add to the creativity of this candle. The hearts are from the same
wax blend as my cinnaberry candles (scented with cinnamon & hollyberry).
A few green wax chunks are also added, as well as shavings of non-colored
parafin wax. Giving this candle a special pock/chunk look. As well as a couple
of secret ingredients...

Dressed with a light olive green organza ribbon tied in a bow binding the
love, prosperity, and protection to this candle.
Dried rosemary and roses are sprinled throughout this candle.
Infusing it with love, harmony, protection, prosperity, joy, and an uplifted spirit.

This candle would be perfect in a ritual or to scent your home...


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