Sep 28, 2011

Stressful News.. Or Not?

This morning when I checked the mail. I got really mad, then really really stressed. But as I sit at my computer 30 minutes after the fact. I began to think I am a witch. Why am I wasting energy on stress. My Goddess & God will look after me. They always do. And always have. Why do I want to waste my good energy on filling my body with negative energy. Well I do not choose that path. I will take action to fight back. I will not lie down and go away. I am a witch. I am strong. I always rise above the ashes victorious like a phoenix rising from the ashes of chaos and destruction.

The piece of paper that arrived in the mail today is a denial of unemployment benefits. I've been paying my bills with my last paycheck and my retirement fund I cashed out. But it's getting low & was hoping to get unemployment since I was harassed at work by administration until I cracked and quit.

But I guess the way I worded it, unemployment got the idea that I quit because I was being repremanded. That is so NOT what was going on, on my last day. That was the end of the line. It was the last straw. And it was all bullshit!

So, I will appeal. It also did not help that I had to keep starting over on their digital form because it was timing out and not saving what I had typed out!! So, I will also tell them that.

Bright Blessings, Raven )O(


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