Feb 14, 2013

Join My Passion Parties Team - Enchanted Passion

There has never been a better time to join passion parties! Right now, for a limited time our corporate office is offering new and returning consultants a limited time spectacular offer. Just $99.00 to purchase your starter package. Which is $470.00 of products to get your business booming. You may upgrade your package for $300.00 without having to pay additional shipping if you like. This instantly elevates you to your 1st level in passion parties. Which is to become a qualified consultant.

Thinking about giving passion parties a try?
I am serious about building my team! Join my team - Enchanted Passion and lets grow our dreams together for a better tomorrow. Contact me for details to get you all set up and ready to go on February 16, 17, or 18th for this discounted offer to lead a happier, funner, fuller life! (307)-899-2946 My name is Julie. www.enchantedpassion.com http://facebook.com/passionpotion is my facebook business page. I post all kinds of updates, specials on there. So LIKE my page to stay informed ;) I would also like to invite you to friend me. I post a lot of passion parties business info on my profile also. http://facebook.com/JulieSJenks.

Let me just take a little bit of your time to tell you about Passion Parties. On YouTube  you can view corporate created videos that are for the public to view our products, promotions, holiday specials, convention videos...

I am always so impressed with how we are treated, how quickly our corporate office responds to help us, how the company as a whole uplifts our spirits. I earn awards, pins, special personalized holiday cards in the mail, I win gifts for participating in contests. I get to build up my self esteem. I can go all the way to the top of the ladder. Some companies do not want you to go farther and higher than your sponsor or manager. NOT with Passion Parties! Anyone on my team can achieve higher status than I am currently at, at any time.

There is tons of help in our back office with templates of documents to use for our business, all of the other consultants that have achieved high levels of success are there to help us. I get to go to training seminars to learn how to grow my business. Learn new techniques, learn ideas that other consultants share. There is such a huge feeling of pride and success and wanting to achieve in Passion Parties!

I get to make over $300.00 in profit in just 2 hours!! I get to be my own boss. Run MY business the way I want to run it. Offer specials and deals that I want to offer. I work the hours and days that I want to work. And its SO much fun enhancing other womens' lives & empowering them! But lets not leave out those men. There are male consultants too. I would love to add some men to my team! Although Passion Parties is female oriented. All about empowering, celebrating, and lifting up women. The men are not excluded.

Passion Parties fits me perfectly. I have even met a number of pagans! Passion Parties for me is freedom. Free to be who I am. Free to be myself. No one judging us because of tattoos, or body piercing, or spirituality, or religion, or lifestyle! Everyone is treated with love and respect! It's such a spectacular feeling. Why would you want to wait any longer to start living a life you love?

The parties are SO much fun!! So much freedom there too. Fifty Shades of Grey parties, bath and body parties, sex on the beach, the possiblities are endless You name the theme! You and your hostess become partners to give her the best party possible...

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