Feb 20, 2013


How many times do I have to keep repeating my mistakes? Apparently as long as it takes to not keep repeating them! *lol* I have been doing really well with being gluten free. I have been feeling a bit better too. No vomiting, a lot less nausea. Increased energy. My mood has been better. Okay, sometimes. *lol* My mood has kinda been back and forth. I quit taking my anti-depressant (25 mg Zoloft 1 x a day). Anyway, I only ate 3 little hot wings for supper yesterday. Woke up all hungry a couple hours later. And while my diet has been drastically altered my husband still gets to eat and drink whatever he wants! So I took a chance on eating a piece of his pizza, just one piece for crying out loud. O M G I was sooo sick immediately after eating it! Horrible nausea, weakness, like my body just had all the life energy sucked right out of it! And was too sick to work today.

So, I had to call all my clients & tell them I can't come clean their homes/give them baths. I felt irresponsible, and stupid. Like duh! I obviously can not eat certain things anymore. Why am I so damn stubborn! I am feeling better because of how I have changed my diet. That does not mean that I can go back to my old eating habits.

Just like when someone is depressed and feels better. Or takes an antibiotic. You can't just stop taking your medicine because you feel better. You feel better BECAUSE the medicine is working!!

I do not have celiac disease. Which is very good. But for some reason, halfway through my life. (I'm 46 years old) I can not have certain anythings anymore. I have an ulcer that doesn't feel too great. So I can not have lemonade, juices, most fruits or anything acidic. I can't even have apples. Which people don't really think of being acidic. But they make me nauseous too. And too much acid, or dairy aggravates my ulcer. Glutenous foods effect my stomach and my whole entire body. So my food choices have changed in a big big way. I do not eat bread, I do not eat anything like cake, brownies, cupcakes, pancakes, foods that are breaded or battered. Nothing with flour or whey. Such as buns, tortillas, no crackers, no chips (unless they are all natural blue corn), no saltines. No gravies, no pasta. And I quit drinking my 3 bottles of orange sunkist pop a day too :)

BUT I have lost 25 lbs woohoo!!! It's SO much fun buying new clothes, and fitting back into old ones that still look & feel like new! wooohoo!!!



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