Mar 6, 2013


Ya know I really wonder why it is that my husband can not ever be happy for me. He told me to go spend 200.00 yesterday to get some more things for convention that I need. Well I didn't stay w/in that limitation. I got what I needed though. The money was in my account. There is enough for bills. I don't ever pamper myself. So what is so terrible! Ok, I get it that $400.00 in clothes, undergarments, make up... is  A LOT. But, I don't go around doing this all the time. It's a very special occasion. Then he will probably totally flip out when he gets up today and finds out I'm not finished. I have a nail appointment today, and hair on Monday...

Is feeling pretty and good about myself a bad thing? Is spoiling myself once in a blue moon uncalled for?


My nails I got done locally at Shear Design! wooohoo!!


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