Jan 9, 2013

Aphrodites Infusion Chunky Votive Heart Candle Set

In honor of upcoming valentine's day, spring, Imbolc,... I am offering a magickal set of Aphrodite's Infusion hand poured candles. Infused with victorian roses, fresh cut roses, and white shoulders type candle scents. Adorned with ambrosia sugar resin, red ribbed ribbon. One with a rose charm and the other with a dragonfly charm.
1 hour burn time for each candle.

$12.00 for the set plus 9.95 for shipping
justjulie@bresnan.net (paypal address for payment)
Then please email me at mymoonmagick@gmail.com or justjulie@bresnan.net to let me know you've sent payment. Don't forget your address so I can send these out to you right away.

(view of the top candle chunks, ambrosia sugar resin)

(close up of the charms)


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