Apr 11, 2013


Pagan Blog Prompt: Coven v.s. Solitary Practice.

I am a solitary practitioner by circumstance. But I do not mind it being that way. Sometimes I wish I had a mentor. Someone to teach me the old ways of the craft. So I try to choose wise books and websites to learn from. But sometimes the best way to learn is by experience.  At this point I do not have any interest to be in a coven. I have no idea what would be expected of me. Structured studying? no thanks! As a solitary I can learn what I want, when I want, at the pace I want. I'm learning several things at one time. I'm fulfilling my dream of crafting my own candles, learning about herbs & oils, as well as Celtic & Egyptian Pantheons.

I started on my path 2 years ago. I started by searching about the Sabbats. Beltane was my very 1st Sabbat to celebrate, before I even knew anything at all about paganism, the craft, etc... I'd have to say the first and most important things I learned by an online school Witch-School. I had to drop it later on because of finances. But plan to resume. And over the last two years I feel that I have moved from a Wicca interest much more to a green witch. It is the green witch that I feel is more 'me'. A more ancient & natural path is the one that I am more drawn to. But I find it difficult to say to other people outside of the craft "I am a witch". So, if presented with that I would say I am pagan. Because after all, I am that too ;)

I have enjoyed my solitary practice. Creating my own altars, my own sacred space. Creating my own garden inside and outside of my home. I can have a ritual, dedication, anytime and anywhere I want. I do not have to wait to get together with a formal get together time. I live in a small town in Wyoming. Mormons to my left, Mormons across the street from me. *lol* I have no let it widely known of my spirituality. But I'm beginning to. I don't like having to keep it a secret. I'm so proud of who and what I am. It has been a long journey here. I've never been happier.

To wonder and be curious about something most of your life, then to FINALLY be a part of it. Well thats just a wonderful peaceful feeling. Like a huge weight lifted. To find out the things I dreamed of in my dreams is real! Its not a fantasy in my head.

Blessed Be


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