Apr 13, 2014


What a wonderful life it is! Thank YOU Universe! Thank you Universe! Thank you Universe! Just this past week or so has been great. Burning incense, receiving new magickal books, creating candles, creating incense, keeping up on house cleaning, organizing, spending time with family, journaling, daily prosperity exercise, making progress with my Passion Parties business. 

I am open to success and abundance that I deserve! Powerful intention! I have been watching my prosperity jar grow. I have been working on my business growing as well.

My Prosperity Space for The 30 day Prosperity Exercise
with Jasmeine Wiccan Moonsong 

I've been so creative lately. Yesterday I learned that we (our planet) are coming up on a Cosmic Cross. And that those of us who are empaths, extra sensitive, are going to feel it strongly. Maybe its why I felt so strongly compelled to get back into Witch-School again, re-stock herbs and oils I've been out of, order more books I've not added to my collection yet, be more of a practicing everyday kind of witch.

For my daughter's birthday I did not buy her one single gift. Believe me, its not as awful as it sounds. I merely crafted everything myself. I felt SO good about that yesterday! I made her a red/pink gardenia and warm vanilla sugar candle!

My daughter's handmade birthday gifts. April 12, 2014
1. Gardenia, warm vanilla sugar pink candle
2. Dragon Heart Incense Kit: Dragon Heart natural loose incense (in bottle, tagged, moon charm)
1 pkg of 10 self igniting charcoal discs and 1 cinnamon stick for stirring.
1 small cauldron with lava rocks
1 hand written label including magickal/energy properties of ingredients and
list of ingredients used in Dragon Heart Incense

I also made myself a little something...

My first ever lavender candle.
Dragon Heart Incense added to candle wax.
Ambrosia Sugared Resins added to top of my candle. She just needs a little charm!


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