May 1, 2014


Merry Beltane Wishes! I had a wonderful Beltane ritual tonight and last night as well. No spells for tomorrow. So I had to get them all in. *lol* I have been crafting all day long. Creating candles, decorating containers. I am trying to find things around my house to decorate to use as candle holders. Today I poured out 2 cans of vienna sausages and glittered the outside of the cute little can. Poured a candle into one of them.

My written spell, that was chanted times nine and burned. I also finally made myself a simple witches ladder. It was last minute and is just 1 piece of hemp string *lol* It sure did work like a charmer though!

I will probably sell this style for $5.00 It contains some of my home made Beltaine Incense Blend I just made last night. (Sunshine and Giggles is what I may name this little creation)

I just had to take a quick pic of this candle that I made today. The texture is the best I've done in the last two years since I've started candle crafting!!
It is made up of different candles I've made in the past. Some oopsie candles that sunk, or did not turn out like I wanted. I painted the inside of the candle mold with gold candle color. (That is the golden lines you see at the top of the candle. - That is on purpose).  But it is very smooth, clean, not cracked or flawed!

My palm wax arrived today along with some new scents to try out. I've never worked with palm wax before. I have to say that I LOVE IT!!!
Plumeria was my first try...
So I made myself a candle in a wine glass I had sitting around.

I just love the cracking and crystalizing effect of palm wax!
And just look at how my prosperity jar has grown over the past month!


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