May 24, 2014


I am learning about the healing and wellness of dandelions. Every part of the dandelion is useful and edible. The leaves are easy to spot from other so-called weeds in your yard. They resemble the open mouth of a lion.
Today I spent some time with my 1 year old grand daughter Leena,outside picking dandelions.

Fresh dandelions can be added to your salad. There are many medicinal uses for dandelions. I've done a little reading on how to cook with them to make cookies, wine,etc... too
I discovered a blog today that I like a lot.

Earlier - before we went outside Leena thought I was lonely. And brought some friends to sit with me...
lunch time for Nana and Leena. Scrambled eggs - cageless brown farm eggs with
rosemary, sage, cheese, bonfire witches salt, and a lil' ketsup.

Leena chasing after her 14 year old cousin Evey. Evey pick me up!! lol

At long last a wonderful laugh for Nana!

Now I'm ready to go Auntie Nicole's for a nap and give a big present in my panties! *hee hee hee*


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