Apr 1, 2014


The World - Tarot Card - The Witches Tarot Deck/Ellen Dugan

Last night I added a new part to my Prosperity space. I decided to draw a new tarot card each day & leave it sitting by my prosperity jar. Last nights card was the Seven of Pentacles. An excellent card! Today - The World. Two excellent cards to start off my prosperity exercise.

'Spiritual lessons have been mastered. There is a sense of freedom & harmony to be enjoyed.  Newly acquired knowledge, strength, and spiritual understanding will now be put to good use.'

Today I also have so far gotten to put a check mark by 3 of my 4 tasks on my to-do list. Plus I did some crafty fun as well. I glittered a vase with purple flowers and sunflowers in it, & added a few sparkles to the flowers as well. I just couldnt resist! *lol*

My Passion Parties business desk...

close up of my newly glittered vase. Ombre' styled green, lavender, silver, purple, silver

As I was cleaning around the house today I kept noticing something odd. I'm finding change here, there, and everywhere! *lol* Everytime I see some silver coins, I think - oh! money for my prosperity jar!!

If you have ever considered joining Wiccan Moonsong's Daily Magick but not sure about it. I will tell you it is well worth it! Just got my 1st e-mail from her today. And WOW! Great information and help in just one email. Her love and devotion just pour right through.
I am so much happier & content with magick in my daily life! Blessed Be )O(


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