Jan 22, 2014


Fear Of Success. Just three simple words. But what do they REALLY mean? I will say them again. Fear of Success. Still sounds simple enough. Why would I or anyone else be afraid to succeed? Hmmm... That does not feel like an answer though. It does not feel as though I have resolved a question. I will look deeper! Because I ponder those words a lot. What is the deeper meaning. What is the answer. What is the reason why I really am not where I want to be with my Passion Parties business.

-- If I have the huge success that I really truly want as an Independent Passion Parties Consultant, my whole life will change. It will change a lot. It will change from feeling down, self-doubting, down from lack of money. I won't want want want and not get. I will have a whole huge world open to me. Maybe that is what is scary to me. Success, getting things I want, having money for nice clothes, more make up, candles, buying crafts, having friends, going shopping,  being able to be more social. Those are all things that I do not have.

Okay, so now I've finally answered the question. What now? Go out and make it happen of course! How?

Do things that are outside of my comfort zone, walk outside the box!!

Make big differences! Make big changes!

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Get out of town! Go someplace where people are. Where people have money, and like to spend money, smell good, look good.
Make a Vision Map - Where can I see where I'm going if I have no map! How will I know when I arrive without a map!

All in all, I think that I need to realize that success does not happen overnight. When we gain weight, we might later on make the decision to loose weight. Ok, the decision is made. That is not what brings it to light though. Keeping focused on the goal, doing the work of exercising, making better food choices, and over a period of time whether its months or years is what brings that goal to light. Then we have our success...

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