Jan 16, 2014


Today I found myself looking over old c.d.s at things I've made in years past. And I suddenly began to see a funny pattern. Magick! Many years before I even had the realization that I am a magickal person. Which was not until 2011. All the years before I had been dabbling in it without realizing it. Just because I was collecting graphics that I liked. I've been surrounded by witches, pagans, and magickal people the whole time and did not even see it.

Just because someone's name was Rhiannon, Isis, Selene, Raven, Sicara. I did not associate them as being dark, evil, or scarey. I was completely comfortable with those names. I think they are beautiful. It could be their real name or made up. But I never once associated their names with magickal arts, wicca, witch, paganism, eclectic, and the plethora of other magickal names associated with magick or spirituality.

As I look through my past signature tags, the kinds of graphics I was ordering - that I was attracted to. And the people's names who were making them. I am surprised that I've been doing that for many more years than what I have actually been admiting to being magickal. Many more years than I've actually been learning about paganism, celtic, welsh, egyptian, and norse gods and goddesses. For many more years than I've been celebrating the turning of the wheel, the changing of the seasons.

I did not even know paganism was still alive until just 3 years ago!
I thought it was an ancient way of living so far gone that no body today was even aware it had ever existed. I longed for it though. I could see myself having lived in those days.

Lets look at some of the things I've collected over the years. BEFORE I realized who and what I am. *lol*

 this little triple moon I find particularly interesting. The year was 2008 That is still 2 years before I picked up a book on wicca, paganism, witchcraft, gods and goddesses, magickal nature. Two years before I had ever done any searches online. 2 years before I found out paganism was still alive.... Okay I won't go on and on but. See my point! *giggles*

Some of these particular signature tags I made, some I drew...
 this silly lil cutie is my own dabbling *lol*

one of my more favorite pixels I've drawn & colored
 I couldn't resist making this one. It reminded of an
Edgar Allen Poe kind of time...

Lets take a look at the kinds of signature tags I was ordering for others now ---

 This is from a website that was around called Cassiopeia! She had all the best signatures. All the unicorns, goddesses, castles, dragons!

 Baubbles n' Broomsticks - can't get much more witchy and magickal than that

 a beautiful sigtag with a renaissance looking dress by Dees Deesignz.

lovelies by CandyTuft-Closed

 Another Martima Heavenly - closed

 my friend Jacqui was making tons of these adorable dragons!


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