Nov 12, 2013


What a wonderful autumn day to start my first day of my day shift on - November 12th! I've always liked the number 12. I do not know why. *giggles*
Today was such a nice and magickal day! I burned butterfly incense for change and transformation and good luck. From my butterfly honey pot I got bought from White Magick Alchemy. *Whispers -- my favorite shop*

To start off todays adventure I forgot that in the morning there will be frost on my windows! DUH! I'm use to going to work in the middle of the afternoon...
I was in a great mood all day long. Thinking of the wonderful butterfly resin I had burned in the morning to bring me good luck all day long. I learned new things today at work. In less than a year in and I've made it from night shift, two months later to evenings. And now just 9 months in, day shift! Excited to start my life back up. My magickal life! My family life! My married life!

Over the past several months of going back into a nursing home setting to work, I have missed out on a lot. My grand kid's sports over the summer. My grandson Dante played football for the first time this year! And Evey continued with track. It felt like life and my family was just passing me by. I've missed holiday and other family get togethers. I've missed out on going to movies w/ my husband because I don't get many weekends off. Maybe a weekend, or part of a weekend every 2 months. :'(

I've missed Sabbats, I've missed candle and other magickal crafting. And being involved in my craft. I was so in tune, so at peace, so happy. My house was clean. I could hold a ritual at any time of the day or night.  But then the bills come due and one has to get a job again that pay the bills...


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