Mar 31, 2014


Pagan Blog Project-Week 13-Letter G:   Grateful Green Witch

As a green witch I am grateful to the Universe for all that comes my way. Good, bad or indifferent I accept it all. As a green witch I believe that everything in nature is alive. It lives, it breathes, everything has an energy t it. It is all here to aid us in our journey. I believe that the planet Earth belongs to the plants and animals and that we are to co-exists. I believe that we belong to the Earth, not that the Earth belongs to us humans.

The green witch is one who works with nature. Using herbs, incense, plants as a way of life, for the natural magickal properties.  Learning when to plant, sow, and cultivate my magickal garden is much the way that the farmer tends to their fields as well. I learn to plan my planting according to the moon phase. These things are so fascinating for me to learn and use.

When I was a child I often saw myself (or someone?) as a woman in an old cottage, sweeping with a corn broom on a cobblestone walkway, trees, many plants outside, lots and lots of bottles oils, jars of plants and herbs on plain wooden shelves...

Green Witchcraft is the use of plants, herbs, oils. These can be used in rituals, daily cooking, candle crafting, crafting of other items such as oils, bath salts, gris-gris bags, and anything you can think of to use in everyday mundane and magickal life. 

Not just herbs have magickal properties. Everything in nature does. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, animals, trees, house plants, weeds, etc...What are some of the common everyday herbs that have magickal properties? 

Sage:  wisdom, protection, longevity, healing, prosperity.
Rosemary: protection, healing, sleep, youth, love, lust, mental clarity. Rub rosemary oil on aching muscles. Add rosemary oil to your shampoo for increased hair growth.
Orange: luck, love, money, divination. Nicknamed the 'love fruit'
Marigold: protection, prophetic dreams, legal matters, - carried in your pocket strengthens justice to smile favorably on you. 
Rhubarb: protection, fidelity. Wear a rhubard root on a piece of string around the neck to protect against stomach pain.

*herbs descriptions: Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs. Scott Cunningham*
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