Oct 5, 2012


What have you harvested this year?
How are you saving your harvest so that it lasts through the winter?
What other preparations are you making before the snow falls?
I've harvested higher self esteem! In the spring (back in April) I joined a wonderful company called Passion Parties. Part of my goal was to build a stronger me. A little more outgoing. And I am doing that. I am believing in myself more. Standing up for what I feel & believe to be right. Not settling for being treated like dirt & thinking that I deserve it. Knowing that I deserve more & demanding it, and not taking anything less than what I do rightfully deserve. I feel stronger in my spiritual beliefs as well. If someone had come up to me last spring and asked me if I'm a witch. I would have been shocked and possibly even denied it. But now I feel like I would embrace the opportunity to talk about my religion & spirituality. I own it now!

I have learned a lot about self worth from passion parties in the past 6 months. I find myself being less depressed too. And realizing how much a waste of time that is. There is no reason to feel bad about my weight or anything. I can make the choice to change it at any time :D When the time is right. It will happen...


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