Dec 14, 2012

looking toward Yule

Wishing everyone a merry Yuletide!
Yule or by whatever name you call it - Christmas, Christmastime, Yule, ... It all has much the same meaning and symbolism. The Gift of Giving and Sharing. New Beginnings. Thankfulness. Love. Being thoughtful of others. Sharing our blessings...
I have been trying to learn more about the old traditions. I think of Yule / Christmas a time of being together with family. That handmade gifts are the best. The less is more, because its not about how much material things you have. It's about the time you spend with ones you love. And oh! Those homemade feasts! Cinnamon pull apart bread, real and creamy coffee cake made with real cream! Ham, dinner rolls, homemade chicken and noodles! oh my!!

I do not have much to give this year. Because of my financial status in work. (compared to years past) - which doesn't make me feel very good. So I am making my gifts this year. I just learned about making orange and clove pomanders last night. I had no idea that they take weeks to be ready. I still may take a bash at making them. I think it would make a really fun family project to do before Christmas. I think my grandkids would enjoy it too. Just thinking of the scents of fresh oranges, and clove, and cinnamon oh my! love those scents so much! In ancient times people made these as air fresheners.
The last 2 years that I've been following a pagan path, I've wanted so badly to make a yulelog with candles and decorate it with sprigs of pine branches, holly, and pinecones. As well as a bake a yulelog cake. Maybe my kids can help me to make this come true. I don't have a drill for the candles. Or really the log. *lol* A yule log cannot be purchased or bought in any way. It has to be your own, traditionally from the year before's wood harvest. Or it can be a log that is a gift. Ash wood is the traditional wood that is used. But in modern times pine has been substituted. I'll have to get together with my daughter and son in law and see what we can come up with. They have pine and juniper trees in their yard. *giggles*!!!


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