May 18, 2012

Pagan Blog Project 2012-Week May 18th

J is for Juniper - The letter J made me think of juniper berries. And how relaxing it was on Mother's Day to sit with family in my daughter's back yard under her juniper tree. Watching our grand kids play in the tent; running in and out of it jumping. And I love seeing the juniper berries all over everything. Those bluish-purple berries that look like they have a touch of frost on them make me feel so peaceful and relaxed. My husband Joe even enjoyed the day and we all had some fruit drinks. We all had a lot of fun! Shared stories, ate good food. My daughter always fixes a nice big dinner for the holidays. Just like I did when Nicole & Bryan were kids & just as I grew up with too :)

I was going to write about the magical properties of Juniper, but my computer keeps 'not responding'. so maybe I can finish later...


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