May 10, 2012

Phase1 Dispell Negativity

Today I performed part1 of dispelling negativity by cleansing my whole house with my California white sage smudge stick. Walking from room to room repeating my chant. Which I will not repeat here as I believe it could take away from the work I am doing. This post ties in with the one that I wrote yesterday. Read More

On other subjects I planted some dying plants into a pot today and have them in my living room window sill. They are 2 cherry tomato plants and 1 jalepeno plant. What I think I can save of them anyway. They didn't get planted into the ground before I spent the weekend sick in bed. My St. John's Wort still doesnt appear to be doing any better yet either. *urrrgh*

I am working on getting my bedroom/magickal space cleaned up, and some other housework or as I like to call it - domestic goddess duties *giggles* I'd like to decorate my altar.

The lilacs were sure weak this year *sigh* They were so abundant last year! I could smell them clear inside my house! They didn't bloom much. Even the yard is different this year too. Last year at this time the whole yard was like a bright florescent green. This year - hmmm not so much.

Doing some promoting for my Passion Parties business today too. I've posted on FB & tweeted a 10% discount code for anyone who will help me get qualified before May 31st. I might see if there are some yahoo or google groups I can join to promote home business. I'm wanting to spruce up some fliers too.
Just thinking of where I could pin them up around town at though.

The discount is good for anyone, anywhere. So come check out my new adventure in Passion Parties!
Passion Parties by Jules


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