May 18, 2012

PBP-Balancing Light & Dark

How do you balance Light and Dark in your Path?

There's lots of angels to take with this, depending on what you choose to apply it to. Should be interesting to see what you have to share on this topic....
This weeks prompt from Pagan Blog Prompts

A good question to ponder. I don't actually know that I do balance the light & the dark. I am trying to.  I am in what seems like a very dark place right now. But in the end I believe that the decisions that I've made will be for the good and have been the correct decisions. I believe that I have to survive the dark to appreciate the light.

Change can be scarey, but that doesn't mean that its not good or that good and positive will not come from it. It only appears dark right now. It will get light again. I feel that Isis and Osiris are guiding me in a direction that is necessary for me to go and I've taken a leap of faith and have decided to listen and follow. I know I will look back on these days as the time when I made the best decision of my life! :)

And actually as I sit and think of how I feel and what I do on a day to day basis at home. I feel depressed, but I do not let it totally consume me. I am grateful for that. And that fills me will light and love and lifts me spirit up.

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