Jul 16, 2012

Feeling Very Blessed

I'm feeling very very blessed today. The day has gone back and forth and this evening i'm just left with the feeling of feeling very blessed with much love and abundance in my path. Actually not even 100% sure why I feel this way.

Friday I had my very 1st Passion Party. It was SO fabulous!!! So much fun! And did really well with sales. We all had so many laughs. What a really really great group of ladies. I didn't know any of them prior to the party. But I'm so glad that I met them. My party actually came about because the hostess is a friend of my sister-in-laws. My party closed today ending with a total of $597.00 in retail sales. I was hoping to have a super duper party with $1,000.00 in sales. But heh! That is darn good for my 1st party. Plus the number of guests went from 4 to 20 then back to 4. *giggles* So that is really excellent for a total of 5 orders! :D


I'm super super excited, because now I am a 'qualified' consultant!!! Wooohooo!!! AND this way on Friday the 13th. Which, before now. I actually never left the house on that day. *lol*
My hostess was very happy with all the discounts that she qualified for. So maybe more people will start hearing about me now :D

Then just on an ordinary cruiz thru facebook this evening I happen to see a post that mentioned one of my witchy sisters. And ended up meeting a wonderful fellow witch; filled with so much love & light! She is doing something very profound. It really inspires me to be a better person. A better witch. She offered for anyone to send her a message with their address, if they would like to recieve a gift from her. After spending a little while on her profile page it struck me as like a pay it forward type of kindness. Perhaps a little of her light now shines within me. And come to find out she is into pixels also. And I think she is also a virgo like me too :)

Well this week has really really turned around for me. I think I shall like to keep this high energy going & participate in some of the blog challenges this week. I know Pagan Blog Prompts are on Thursdays.
So I'm looking forward to that. Now, if I can just get a certain lil witch to get back into doing (i believe it was called) Wednesday Kitchen ?? hmmm that doesnt sound right. *lol* I should send her a lil' emaily

Have you stopped by my witchy forum? The Witches' Garden ?? It's free. I'm looking for individuals to help me build the content. Do you have knowledge & experience you could share for free? Do you like to write? Stop by & make new friends :D
Magickal Love & Light ~


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