Aug 12, 2011

Connecting With the Earth...

I keep feeling really mopy sadly all the time lately. I feel better for a while after I've
done a ritual working of one sort or another, connected with Isis... I did do my morning prayers to Isis this morning. Was not overly abundant with energy today though. Just in a hum drum mood..

Then I ended up transplanting my rosemary plants back inside. And wow! I feel so happy. It's like digging my hands around in the soil, and touching the rosemary and whiffing it. That alone and all by itself gave me a happy bubble. *giggles*!!

Maybe connecting with the raw earth is what I'm missing out on lately.
Perhaps I need to sit and make a list of the ways I can connect with Earth.

I love autumn. It is my favorite time of year. In a way when I think of autumn here in wyoming I almost feel sort of lost though. Compared to thinking of it as a child in the mid-west. I'm from Des Moines, Iowa. When I think of back home, I see leaves of all shapes, colors, and sizes on the ground. I could easily gather tons of nature in my hands and bring inside to enjoy; just from walking around any neighborhood. Acorns, rocks, leaves, buckeyes just to name a few of the most common items found outdoors in my home town.

But here in wyoming I don't ever see any acorns. I do love to buy the cinnamon scented pinecones in the autumn/winter. I place them in wicker baskets around my house, with real cinnamon sticks...

I will have to try harder to bond with nature. Maybe go for a drive and find something wonderful & woodly...

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