Jul 10, 2011

Here I am again...

Well well well here I am again at the dark and stormy path.
wrapped in dark cloud's wrath
wings broken, spirit restless,

I feel like picking up and moving. Moving to wherever there is more.
More available, more stores, more opportunities, just more.
Without a job there is no reason to live here where I am at. Greybull Wyoming has a population of around 1,800.

I had a state job. It's the best job around here. People come from other towns far away to work there. The management, and how staff and sometimes the residents are treated by administration is not very good. But the pay and benefits are. I hate that it comes down to money.

I've put in applications and had interviews in other nearby towns. Worland is about 45 minutes away. Heard back from them. They don't have any room for new staff right now. Bonnie Blue Jacket is the closest place. It's just 5 to 7 miles. Not hearing anything from them. Every time I call. It's call next week. I've been really busy. Feels like the run around.. Went out to Lovell which is almost an hour drive. Had an interview the next day. If I don't get on there I don't know what I'm going to do.

I can still check with this home health care place in town. But no insurance. So thats not really going to do me much good. I have chronic migraines and am on an anti-depressant.

After that, I'm looking at driving farther and farther. There are 2 or 3 other towns I could try to go to their facilities. What a drag. All that driving. Alllll that gas! I'd just rather move to someplace that has more available. I'm ready for a change.

But there is the issue of we own a house now. Paying on it. Although the payments are low. Under 300.00 My husband is content here. Has a good paying job, 401k, ...

Personally I wouldn't mind getting more up into Montana. But I don't think I'm really ready for the big city of Billings. *lol* I've been to Red Lodge before. Very pretty there. I've heard really nice things about Grand Falls I think is the name. But housing, job availibility, cost of living, all those things factor in heavily.


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