Jul 5, 2011

My 1st circle casting, and using high power magick...

Wow what a day! Casey Marie Anthony was actually found NOT GUILTY! weird...

Tonight I wrote my own employment drawing spell for ritual or 'high' magick as I like to call it.
It was my very 1st time calling out to the 4 corner. (I also call them pillars) 

My very 1st time casting a circle. It was SO much fun. So invigorating. After wards I felt so powerful.
But I don't mean powerful in terms of I felt God or Goddess like. Nothing narcisistic like that. But that I just felt an inner power. More like a high self esteem. Like a beam of light was now shinning from inside me!

I researched my herbs in several books 1st. As high power magick was based on drawing employment to myself. So, it had to do with luck, love, money & happiness.
I annointed myself with sacred rosemary oil. I put a sigil of a pentacle on my 3rd eye.
I used an orange candle: for attracting things, luck, encouragment, strength, career goals, legal matters, action, ambition, property deals, & general success.
Although I know green is for money matters. I only had like a sage green candle. And didn't feel like green fit all of my needs for this employment drawing ritual.
Although I could have used both now come to think of it.

Orange is one of the God candles and green is actually one of the Goddess candles. hmmm... **thinking** lol
Green is for Lord and Lady of the wild wood, earth elemental, herb magicks, nature magicks(gardening), luck,
fertility(don't need that part lol), healing, balance, courage, work, prosperity, agriculture, changing direction or attitudes.

Hmmm maybe I should have used green also.
Anyway, for my very 1st circle casting I used a sample of a basic circle cast from
Ann Moura's book - Grimoire for the Green Witch.

Guess what. I had SO much fun! *giggles* Just had to add that in there.

Incense burned during rite - vanilla Set up of altar symbols - I set up my altar to the elements.
My altar cloth has a pentacle on it in the middle. So, I just go about setting it up on the pentacle.
With my altar facing north
Spirit: Ankh
Earth: bowl of salt with a carnelian stone
Air: altar sized besom
Fire: cauldron
Water: Chalice of water I centered before ritual.

I grounded after ritual. I've been practicing those every day.

I made a mixture of sweet almond carrier oil with a drop or 2 of bergamot, a drop of wintergreen, a drop or 2 of rosemary. Then with a wooden spoon. (don't have my mortar & pestle yet) I ground up a sprinkle of each of the following herbs: patchouli, rosemary, chamomile, and & vervain.
I then added a couple pinches of the herb to the oil.
The rest of the herbs I put in the bottom of my cauldron to burn with my spell,
which I always chant 9 times. (ugh! I really DO need a witches ladder for that!!) lol
My spell chant goes as follows: ( and I will explain the wording to you, so you can understand it - I am in nursing.
I am a C.N.A. so therefore that is what the wording has to do with - finding a job in chosen career field)

Let me spread love like wildfire;
Bring to me a job I desire;
Bring to me the luck of the hire;
So I may one day retire.

Now that I've had new ideas about the candle colors. I'm kind of excited to do it again tomorrow to do it again
with a couple of small changes. I need the practice anyhow so I can eventually not be
reading from a book. Well, I'm off to bed so I can get an early start on my wonderful day tomorrow... :)
~ WiccanMoon ~  )O(


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