Jul 26, 2011

Meditation,Decisions, and a surpising Deity...

Late last night upon on generous advice of a dear sister (Camille) I did a ritual meditation bath.
My 1st time with meditation in the bath or doing a ritual bath.. Very clear images. A powerful experience indeed. I followed some instruction I found online to use some images representing my choices that I am burdened with a heavy heart over. One was a photograph. The other was the piece of paper from my fortune cookie the night before. Which read:
"Traveling this year will bring your life into greater perspective." Ironic with the way I've been feeling and talking about moving!

Of course I have already made my decision. I know what I must do. I know what will become. But I'm glad that I experienced the meditation bath.

I called upon Isis to aid me. Candles: 1 purple chime unscented. 1 lilac scented votive candle.
Cleared room with white sage 1st. All lights out except candles. I also added sea salt to my bath water as well as a drop of lavender essential oil.

The images were clear that were presented to me. I believe that Isis did aid me a great deal. And I believe that she knew with me she would have to leave a powerful and unmistakable sign for me to recognize that she did indeed aid me.

My purple chime candle dripped the wax in a very very odd way. I didn't even notice it until I was finished. But the wax pooled on the side looking like fluid pouring out of an ancient vessel.

Look at the photos and see what you think.

Isis Egyptian Goddess of  love, rebirth, and all.
Remarked upon as being 'the all goddess'.

Isis is a moon goddess and mother goddess, she gave birth to Horus. The God of the Sun.
Together Isis and Horus created and sustained their people and were the saviors of their people.
Isis, personified as the 'complete female'. Isis is called by many names. A few of them being: Mother of Life, Giver of Life, Goddess of Magick, Crone of death. She is both the giver and the taker of all life.

Isis symbolizes the great mysteries and powers of life and death.
Her golden amber skin glistening positive influences. Isis is the Goddess of change, magick, motherhood and fertility.


I have never worked with the Deity Isis before. I have not ever even thought of working with her. Really didn't know anything about her. I am interested in Egyptian Deities. But I guess I just thought that I leaned more strongly towards the celtic/welsh pantheon, than the egyptian pantheon. I was actually researching some more info on Rhiannon. And somehow was directed towards Isis. I don't even remember how now. *lol*
Working with Isis, makes me feel strong. I am very grateful to her for aiding me in my difficult time of choice and change.

There have been so many signs and symbols this spring/summer that change must come about. My fortune cookie verse I mentioned earlier. This spring there were a phenomenal amount of white butterflies fluttering through my yard. And right at the exact very location that I would see them from my computer, by my bedroom window. Lots of little symbols like that this year...

Blessed Be, Raven Sylverwolf



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