Jul 27, 2011

New Discoveries...

I had a really nice ritual last night for planning and looking ahead on my path.
I ask the Goddess Isis to aid me in my meditation bath the night before. She spoke to me
loud and clear.

So I called to the four pillars and called to Osiris and Isis to join in my circle and aid me
on my path.

I have some very very difficult work to do in my path right now. My life is changing. And is going to change even more. I'm going to be making a huge change in my life in my marital status and I've lived with this man for 24 years. I've never lived on my own before. But it is something I feel a very strong urge to do. It is on my mind every second of every day pretty much...

But anyway, about my rite last night. I've not ever made a connection to a particular pair of
Deities yet (until now). There have been Goddess's I've researched and have felt connection to. Goddess's I've researched and have been so impressed with their stories. But not an actual couple. And felt kinda strange when I say Lord and Lady. Like it wasn't actually applying to anyone in
particular. Until Now.

I'm looking back at several signs that have drawn me to Isis and Osiris. So, I invited them to my circle last night. I feel so safe, peaceful, happy, and I'm not afraid to do what I must do. Because Isis and Osiris are with me. I'm not alone. They are guiding me. And will do steer me wrong. ;)
I don't feel scared about the changes that will come. I don't feel burdened or like I have a heaviness or depression hanging on me anymore.

Blessed Be, Raven Sylverwolf


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