Jul 6, 2011

Job Hunting...

oh wow, I'm so way tired. I don't know why. *lol* All I did is go put in 1 application. I was there nearly 2 hours though I think. Did an interview while I was there. wow I've never been to a nursing job interview before. The facility I worked at for 6 years sent me to the CNA classes. And I was already employed there as a housekeeper...

Everyone was very delightful though! I hope they have a spot for me. Hopefully full time. Part time scares me. Although, I would take that rather than being unemployed. But sure don't want to get stuck being part time..

Well, I think I'm going to walk in my garden, relax and head back out tomorrow to put in more apps. All the places that are
available are out of town. 40 - 50 miles one way. *lol*


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