Jun 27, 2011

Lavender Oil

Today I made my grand daughter Evie some lavender oil. I had made a very tiny amount on Summer Solstice
 to annoint a candle with. Then rubbed the remainder into my hands & arms. And she smelled it on me and really liked it. So I told her I'll make her a bottle of her own. I put some dried lavender in hers & dressed up the bottle with purple string & a gold butterfly charm.

She likes it a lot! *tee hee hee* 

Evie's Lavender Oil
This makes 1 vial of lavender oil

put a pinch of dried lavender in the vial or it can be added last
(just make sure to save enough room to add it in).
fill vial almost full with sweet almond carrier oil.
Add 1 to 2 drops of lavender essential oil.
Create with your loving and pure intentions.
Wrap with string color of your choice according
to your intentions for your oil.
Mine was dressed with purple thread & a butterfly.
Butterfly symbolizes change / transformation.

This was crafted for my 11 year old grand daughter. At the time
I am going through changes. As well as she is too...

Theres only 4 more days until Evie and Dante & my daughter Nicole leave to move to Illinois.
Last week was all about fun. This week seems like a count down. Sometimes I'm just fine. Other times,
I'm trying so hard to not get all depressed. Feels like I am going to be all by myself now. Now I won't have
any family here at all. It's been so wonderful having them here with me in the same town over the past
3 years.  Although I'm happy for them being able to move on in their lives. I feel like I'm back to being all by myself

I have no job now. Was pushed into quiting a week ago. Therefore I have no friends now either.
No family, no friends, no job. How could I help not getting depressed....

I havent even been studying much. I was so happy. Except the facility I worked out didn't fit me. But I was making it work. But then that all exploded out of the blue and got worse and worse. Seems like everything fell all apart in the same week.
I know that out of chaos comes change. It's really hard to see a phoenix rising out of ashes. I just have to keep going though.

I read today I am responsible for the way I feel. In wicca we are all responsible for ourselves. We make our own joy or sadness. 


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