Jun 21, 2011

My Litha Foods Part1

Freyja / Freya is just 1 of the deities associated with Litha.
It is Freya that I call upon this day to bless us with
love, beauty, and passion.

Love for those we love and who love us
May we always see beauty in all things big & small
May the passion of magick live within us all
In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust...

Now I would like to share some photos I took today of my wonderful kitchen witchin'.


There are before and afters...
 My soft mead as it was cooking.

dough stage of my solstice herb bread.
so proud to have used my very own fresh rosemary,
chives, & lemon thyme.
2 of my finished products of love.
My rhubarb pie made with love, happiness & friendship.
A good friend gave me the most ginormous stalks of
rhubarb I've ever seen! Can't wait to taste it!!
And my oh too yummy herb bread that I couldn't wait
to have a piece of.
Here are more pictures of my plants & herbs I took today as well.
My purple passion plant. Haven't had one
since I was a pre teen!

some of my indoor plants.

our strawberry plants

and another strawberry plant!

My athame I finally got to use today.

My 1st try @ crafting some rosemary oil.


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