Jun 21, 2011

Litha 2011

Happy Litha! Summer Solstice Blessings!
 Today I performed a simple Litha Candle Lighting.

1 yellow candle dressed with 1part lavender essential oil and 2 parts sweet almond carrier oil.
I used the rubbing technique to dress my candle.
I sprinkled 3 parts (3 pieces) of dried Jasmine on the top of the candle.
(not an easy task w/ a chime sized candle).
At my altar with my ankh sitting out I then faced the rising sun. And repeated 9 times:
Lord and Lady of Love and Light
guide me on this day of solstice.

I kept it very simple so I wouldnt mess it up. This new witch sometimes gets nervous to be perfect and messes things up. *giggle*
I'm finding in the books that I'm reading though that pure intent and pureness of heart is all the God & Goddess want. So, I simple relaxed, focused, & visualized and everything turned out just fine.

I am allowing my candle to burn out on its own. I've never done that before. But in just 30 minutes
its a little more than half way burned already. So everything is going smoothly.

Now for explanation of my colors and herbs and oils.
When I say '1 part' I mean that I was just free pouring. I do not have a dropper yet.
So I just dripped the fluids slowly. 'parts' sounds large. But it really was not.
Since these are concentrated oils it only takes drops...

Yellow Candle: Yellow is for the sun & happiness
Since I'm a new witch I try to research everything to make sure I'm using the correct items.
Jasmine & lavender are both for love and calmness.
Jasmine: attributes of love and its effects are swift & obvious
Lavender: also attributes of love, cleansing, protection, shielding from negative vibrations.

I'm a huge fan of lavender. But not french lavender.
Music: Paint The Sky With Stars by Enya
I always have magickal music playing when I'm working at my altar.
I will do a more involved ritual tonight.

Now, I better get off here and start on my Litha foods.
Soft Mead, Rhubarb Pie, Summer Solstice Bread, Enchiladas, Fresh Strawberries and corn on the cob

I took a couple shots of my altar this morning to share also.
The picture that sits atop my little witches' cupboard
is a gift from my daughter and grandkids on my birthday.
It is Selene the Goddess of the Moon


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