Oct 31, 2011

The Thinning of the Veil...

Samhain - pronounced [Sow-In]
Observance Date: October 31st-November 1st
Moon Phase: Waxing
Waxing Moon: Draw your intents, wants & desires to you.

I feel as though my own veil into myself is actually thinner today. I feel like so much is so clear. Feeling full of energy and happy. Is it that I am more intune with nature and the universe now than ever before. Because of all of the knowledge I have gained over the past 7 months? Is it because it is the witches new year and the veil between the other world and this world is thinner. A door is open...

Samhain is a time to connect with our loved ones who have passed into the other world. Our ancestors, pets, familiars, family members. It is a time to remember and pay respect to those who have walked this well worth path before us. A time to remember those who suffered the burning times and at all other times to I believe. It's not just at the 'burning times' that witches suffered. I think this is a good time to remember all who have suffered at the hand of others. Whether it is any kind of slavery, religious unjustice. This kinds of things happen every day still. As I look back at american history we have not been a kind and understanding people. I do not understand the forefathers. Why do we not like and why are we cruel to people who are not are exact duplicate? I am speaking of going into another country and kidnapping people and making them our slaves. Why? I don't get it. I am also speaking of all of the cruelty reaped upon the native americans. Who I feel were here before the white man. I feel very close to the native american culture. They were (are) truely in tune with nature. Respected the land. And all we did is destroy and steal from them. I also speak of the injustices that are done in modern day. People are still ridiculed, fired, ... for their beliefs today.

Okay, got a bit off course there. But I wanted to get that off my chest. *lol*

Today I am going to make moon cookies for the 1st time. I don't know if any tricker-treaters will want them. As home-baked goods are frowned upon. But it is something that I feel strongly about today. Home baking, family, crafts, feels like a theme of today for me. I'd like to make some herb bread too. And making fried chicken for supper. It will be a very early supper. I don't want my grand kids Evey and Dante having candy for supper!

I didn't think I would feel any different today, than on any other day of the year. But I feel very loved. Like Isis has her arms around me letting me know I am loved. And that I am going in the right direction. I keep getting goosebumps. *lol*

I intend to put candles (safely) in my windows of my home to guide and welcome spirits of  the other world. I will have a big ritual. I have a lot of ground to cover. I'll probably go out trick or treating with my grandkids too.

I'm SO glad that I'm all better from being sick! It's like a miracle. I've never gotten well so quickly. And I've always had to go to the doctor to get well. But its like a real miracle that I actually got well without any antibiotics. What a blessing.


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