Apr 5, 2013


Feeling compelled to write a bit about Beltane today. Beltane is my favorite of the sabbats to celebrate. But because of work I will not be at home to celebrate. Not too happy about that. I read somewhere online that Beltane actually runs from May 1-5th. I hope so. I hope by celebrating on a day other than the 1st will still be ok. I have the feeling it won't be the same though as celebrating on May 1st - May Day... Maybe I can hold ritual at midnight on the night before. ??

Beltane is very special to me. I've been on my pagan path for 2 years now. And Beltane pretty much marks that spot, as Beltane was the very 1st sabbat I celebrated. My awakening to who I truly am occurred on April 27th 2011. I immediately started searching for what the holidays are & how they are celebrated. So I scurried to put together a Beltane celebrating. *giggles* Very very memorable day. Spring & Autumn are my favorite seasons. Always have been. I remember celebrating May Day as a child. And my maternal grandma passed away on May Day. I was extremely close to her. So perhaps I feel like I'm also celebrating our love on that day. Wow, barely got through that sentence w/out a tear! After 12 years, still so heart breaking...

I include my family with celebrating the sabbats. And I just hate it that I'm working that night. Which also takes away any celebrations I would have done that day as well.

I want to go to Red Gulch dinasour digs outside of Greybull. I love taking the kids there. I have a geocache hidden there also. So I enjoy checking on that too. It's so peaceful out there! And when we are leaving at sunset. O.M.G. Gorgeous!! I was thinking of making some soft mead again too. And trying to track down a recipe alternate for bread. As I can not have any of the traditional pagan cakes, breads, etc.. because of my glute-free diet needs.

I always enjoy lighting my beltane candles in ritual, with its pretty maypole ribbons! And using my faerie incense.

It's no wonder I luv Beltane so much. I'm all about the faeries. And Beltane is one perfect time to commune with the faeries. Spring & faeries just go together ;)


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