Mar 22, 2012

PBP-PaganBlogPrompt - Ostara|Spring Equinox

Pagan Blog Prompts - Ostara/Spring Equinox.
( Feel free to blog about what you've done to celebrate (whether this year or a previous year), what it means to you, the history or certain symbols seen around this time of year, or anything else related to the holiday/season.)

Ostara marks a time of change. When the earth is coming back to life. It is a good time to spring clean. To me it is a time to make changes in my life. Breathe new life into myself. In a sense to be reborn. To hatch from my shell, and burst into the world. I am indeed doing just that. I am a C.N.A. I have been one for almost 6 years. I was very happy and content. But something in me has changed. I'm not at all on the right path. I more than dread going to work. My heart is not in it. I want a new career.  So, I've decided to join my sisters Passion Parties team!  I have not yet had an Ostara ritual. But I do want to.  I just havent put one together.

I'm so exhausted from my job all the time. I'm SOOOOO excited about my new zest for life and love and happiness and new beginnings though! And I think I've even come up with an idea of how to get the money to pay for my starter kit for my new career in enhancing and empowering life and love. I've talked it over with my husband. He asked quite a few questions. Which I was quite proud of myself that I actually did have the answers for, because I've been thinking about this for a little while now. And have been looking at my sisters website and reading up on the company and products and what Passion Parties is really all about.

I feel ready to make a change. I don't feel nervous, scared or unsure. I'm positive that I want out of nursing. I am positive that I want to keep going with my home crafted items at home and develop that into a real physical shop. And I'm positive that I still want to go to cosmetology and nail tech training and eventually pick up a body piercing license as well. I want to have an earthy eclectic shop in town. And I want to sell passion and enhance the lives of people that I would not have otherwise met. I see grand potential for all of it. I see myself with a shop with living, breathing, growing plants. My home crafted candles, oils, a hair salon area, a relaxation/aromatherapy chill out room with soothing sounds of a babbling brook, magickal brew loose natural incense softly swooning through the air, hand made soaps, incense, bed n' bath sachets... all those items that I hand craft at home. And a body piercing booth. And a nail tech area, a pedicure area. People don't realize how important their feet and toes are! Gotta take care of them!

Maybe in a sense I don't feel the need for an all out ritual. Because I'm already taking steps in my life to change and enchance my path.


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