Mar 9, 2012

Pagan BlogPromts-Sickness

Pagan Blog Promts -

How do you deal with illness?
Does being sick hinder your magic work?
Do you employ magic to make yourself healthy again?
What about others? Do you work magic to heal other people?

I do not deal well with illness. As I'm sure non of us do. I probably perform more magickal rituals when I am sick. I do a lot of bath rituals with rosemary essential oil, prayers, chants, and candle and color magick. I believe that all of it has power and energy. I would like to make a wellness sachet sometime. But never do seem to get around to it or even think of it when I'm well.

I also get have neuropathy suffer from long term nerve damage from shingles. So under great stress I start getting nerve pain in certain areas. Mainly my face, foot and leg. Usually all on the right side. So I try to manage my stress and wellness everyday. It's not an easy thing to do. I have to always be aware of it. All it takes is one hysterical cry and i'm the one suffering. Usually brought on by stress at work. I've been going through this for the last 3 years. It is much much better now. It's not constant anymore. And I don't have outbreaks of shingles. I havent for nearly a year now. And I think that my journey, my new path that I've been on has everything to do with that. That is when I stopped having outbreaks and started feeling wonderful & happy again. I am starting to feel the stress again in my nerves though. And feel it is time for me to leave nursing and journey farther on down the path to my true dreams. Which is to be a cosmetologist. I also am interesting in nail tech and picking up a body piercing license as well. And one day having my own unique shop.

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If you can feel it - you can say it.
If you can say it - you can achieve it...
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~ WiccanMoon ~



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