Mar 17, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - F is for Familiar

F is for Familiar. As in the witches familiar. I know that a witches companion is suppose to be a cat. But I didn't start out as a 'cat person'. I didn't grow up with cats. There weren't cats around in the neighborhood really. My family was all about dogs. I was brought up around dogs. No one in my family had cats. etc...

But this cat that we have just insisted on me loving him. He's everything I need in a cat. He is quiet. He follows me everywhere so that I am never lonely. He is sweet, cute, and cuddly. His name is Yoda. But we mostly call him mo mo. I have no idea why. He is a beautiful long haired himalayian simease. He is about 11 years old. And when he passes on to the summerland I will be most broken hearted.

He loves all of my herbs. He loves smelling them all when they arrive in the mail. He is the 1st to run up to me as my car pulls into the driveway. He is the 1st to greet me as soon as he hears my feet touch the floor. He is always in my bedroom with me, near my side.

Much to my surprise he  was determined and quite comfortable right by my side inside my magickal circle during rituals too.

He knows when I'm down. He cuddles with me even more! If I leave a room. He leaves the room to see where I've gone. I have never known why. Because as I said I was never really a cat person...

Except for a while when I 1st moved out on my own. I rescued a homeless kitten. And from then on I was always taking in cats, adopting free cats & kittens out of the newspaper. But then when I moved to california I must have changed I guess. I didn't have cats anymore. But ended up meeting my husband who was a huge cat lover. And all of his cats hated me! The terrorized me. And there began my dislike for cats. The tore up all of my plants, tore up my house and broke my possessions.

I'm glad I've come back to loving a cat again though. He's really precious & special.

Meet Yoda!

He thinks my fuzzy wolf blanket is his for some reason...

here is my mozie mo mo tossing a piece of light blue paper in the
air and trying to catch it as it flutters down to the window cill.

Yoda near my garden. Could have choked him last year for scattering
my flower seeds!

Yoda making sure we put in the new vinyl windows correctly

YoYo all cozy in mommys bed

Awwwe! Yoda's a cat-in-the-box


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