Mar 17, 2012

Book Addicted?

Any such thing as being addicted to books? ... What do you think?

Perhaps its hereditary from my dad. And that when I'm interested in learning about something, I totally immerse myself in it. Finding out all I can, from all different sources...

I haven't even read all the books I bought last spring, but yet I still want more!!

Whats so funny is that I was never big on reading books before I started on this magickal path last spring. Yes I know HOW to read. But just never found reading interesting. But now! - Legends of ancient lore and practices of the old world, the dark ages, the universe, the trees, the healing properties of plants, flowers, herbs, oils, aromatherapy, alchemy. I mean who would have ever thought that I would be interested in science! chemistry! history!

Who would have ever thought I'd actually enjoy planning, or following an outline of practice.
Funny funny world we live in.


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