Jan 22, 2012


Today is the 2nd day of our diet. It starts you off with gorging on fat foods for 2 days. This is called phase 1.

Yesterday we ate lunch/supper at our fave chinese restaurant. Plenty of fried fat foods there. I also had my bananas in strawberry sauce. *giggles* And then I had ben & jerry's half baked icecream for a snack later on.
Bye bye Ben & Jerry. I shall miss you muchness. *lol*

Today I am having pizza sticks. For supper we are grilling pork steaks on the bbq. With ranch and bacon pasta, home made mashed potatoes. Can't have milk on our diet. So I'm mixing sour cream in the taters instead of buying milk we won't be able to use after today.

So far. So good I guess. These 2 gorge days of pigging out on fats hasn't really gone very well. How the heck do you do something that you don't normally do, that you know is terrible for you? I just can't figure out the logic in it.

And the drops -- the base of it is mineral water. And it doesnt 'feel' like an appetite suppresant. Which I thought thats what it was suppose to be. ?? So, i'm wondering if the company we went through is a scam...

I'm excited to get on with the diet. Last night we did our grocery shopping. I didn't find the grissini bread sticks that we can have once a day. But got things like lemons, celery, lots of spices, onions, garlic, (I've never cooked with fresh garlic before lol), shrimp, chicken, beef, apples, oranges, grapefruit, .. Only spent about $130.00 versus 300.00!
A new item on my grocery list was 'rice vinegar'. I have lots of other vinegars always on hand. Apple cider, white, balsamic and red wine vinegars.

Bought stevia for the 1st time too. Bought a bag of it and a little box with the packets to take on the run with us.
Havent tasted it yet. And was disappointed that walmart didn't have all these different flavors that I've been reading about.

Got a bag of lemons and looking forward to making some fresh lemonade. Might have to just make it by the glass? hmmm no that probably wouldnt work. I don't know, will have to check my daily allowance for stevia. Not sure on that one.

Until tomorrow - Jules xo

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