Jan 9, 2012

Employment on the horizon...

Today feels like such a wonderful magickal day.
I just went and got my TB injection looked at on my arm. Part of a pre-employment
process. Have to have a drug screening done, criminal background check, and make sure
all of my immunizations are all up to date. (nursing)

It is negative. So now I go back in on the 18th and get stuck again in the forearm.
Then that one has to be read in 48 hours.
Being hired is pending all of these checks and tests coming back
clean and clear. Of course they will : )

It will feel soooo goooood to get back to work again. To get back to what I love doing.
Helping people...

I've enjoyed my time at home. And I feel as though I've grown spiritually and have
worked through a lot of issues and things. And it has given me time at home to be with
my husband, grandkids, daughter, on the phone with my sister Jenny and my son, and my parents.
My sister and I have done A LOT of talking. And that in itself has been so wonderful.

My new book about Embolc arrived recently. It's called Candlemas.
So, I've been reading in that some in the evening before bed.

~ ~ ~


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