Dec 29, 2011

Out with the Old!

for me its more like out with the clutter!  And I think that before the new year begins is a perfect
time to de-clutter. Most people do it in the spring. But I think now would be much better. Then I
can feel like I'm starting the year new and fresh instead of bringing over all the old trash with me
into the new year.

I'm trying to make life changes. I don't refer to them as resolutions. Thats not ever worked for me.
I don't stick to them. So, I'm trying to live a healthier more balanced life. And clearing out my clutter
is definatly a step in a healthier direction for me. I'm not good with putting something away when I'm finished
with it. But I want to be better about that. I want to have a pretty home and for it to feel warm and cozy. Like
an old witches cottage tucked away at the forests edge.

Today I am starting with my bedroom. Which is also where my wiccan altar is. Where I do my thinking, studying,
praying, rituals... My bedroom has always been the center of who I am and where I like to be. It's a personal space.
Not just where I sleep. All my magickal beings are there with me. So, its the most logical place for me to start.

Over the past 10 months I have been on a path of change, learning, expansion, spiritual knowledge. It can only get
better from here :)


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