Dec 27, 2011

Holidays over- Yeah!!

I am pretty happy for the December holidays to be over with. For the last several years I get sad at this time. And christmas had become meaningless to me. I know that Jesus was not born in the winter muchless on December 25th. And christmas is so commercialized. It's a buy me this, buy me that civilization. And material things just shouldnt be that important.

I was rather hoping this year would be different for me. I had plans of celebrating Yule for the 1st time. But then I got sick right before I was to start making my candles for my family and got down and didn't have any energy to put up decorations, or make
my special gifts I'd been planning for months, or to make my 1st yule log cake. And now that I have enjoyed christmas with my
grandkids and family. And the dark clouds have lifted. I'm very happy to be past this time. Theres also a lot of controversy around christmas. I wasn't expecting that. I learned a more new things. And even went a step further and expressed my thoughts and view on the subject. Which is pretty pretty rare for me to vocalize a view about something, especially on such a strongly religious subject.

Now I am looking forward to getting back on track with my meditation and dedications. I miss my morning dedications. And reading, learning, studies... So I'm looking forward to that and to learning about the next sabbat. I can hardly even believe I'm almost through a whole year of sabbats! I started with Beltane. Started on the path of wicca just about a month or so before Beltane. The ending of march.


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