Dec 28, 2011

KWW - Steamed Broccoli

Kitchen Witch Wednesday
Steamed Broccoli

Well, for the 1st time since I joined KWW I feel like I'm actually writing about something that I know about.

Today, I am steaming some broccoli. I am even thinking of getting creative and adding some chopped almond slivers and raisins.

Broccoli has many healing elements to it. I read about 4 years ago that it is believed to completely irradicate H-pylori. Which I have had before its associated with peptic ulcers. And causes people to be very sick to their stomach. Unless of course you have your broccoli on hand! Of course my husband will be non too pleased to come home and smell it. *hee hee*

The healing powers of broccoli is very fascinating.
I encourage everyone to visit this page:
to learn more.

Running off now to finish my yummy broccoli!
btw -- broccoli is not suppose to mushy and gross. If it is,
it has had all the important nutrients cooked right out of it!


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