Jan 21, 2012

HCG-Gorge Day One


Today my husband and I started day 1 of our HCG diet.
This is a 500 calorie a day diet with weightloss drops.

Right up front I will say that after purchasing the drops. I've done
a lot more reading and probably would have not purchased the drops.
And I will also say that I am not understanding the logic of this diet. With emphasis
on the two fat gorging days.

The Idea:
Gorge on bad fats for 2 days. Like donuts, mcdonald's, ice cream.
Basicly all bad foods - the sky is the limit.
" I don't get it "

For starters I had gall stones 11 years ago and have no gallbladder.
Therefore those kinds of foods react differently in my system. I get
diarrhea very easily with foods that contain too much oils.

I've taken my 10 drops this morning.
I feel like crap, so I havent felt the need to be putting any food into my mouth.
I do not feel yucky because of the drops though. The drops are like water. (They are mixed
in mineral water).
I think its the A&W shake that I had last night... 

I will keep adding to this category as my diet progresses and you can follow along with me.

I've also ordered a book that I'm very very excited to get and learn all about.
Everyday Paleo!


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