Feb 12, 2012

Just a little work rant...

Just a little ranting. I've started a new job after being out of work for 7 months.
I'm in nursing. I'm a C.N.A. (certified nursing assistant) Ya know, it is beyond me why it is so difficult to just show someone new where things are located at. Let them know the do's and don'ts. etc... Why is that hard?

I've been at this job for about 2 weeks now. Still havent been shown important things. Still today was asking where things like the MDS books are. Is there 1 located at each nurses station. Where can a bed change list be found, where is it to be charted at... Everything is SO different at this facility. I've only worked at 1 other nursing facility. And I was there for 6 years.  5 of those years was as a C.N.A.  Even simple things are so so different. Like stripping a bed. Turns out at this facility I'm not suppose to just make it up right away. There are other lists to look at, and do this, and do not do that.... Take something as routine as taking a full set of vitals. Turns out there is more than 1 way to do a full set of vitals. I was taught that a full set entails BP (blood pressure) Temp. Pulse Respirations and O2 saturation. But at my new job 02 and respirations are not included in the full set of vitals. Unless the nurse asks for it. Then she will do it I guess.

So frustrating when I'm trying to learn what to do and when, etc... and not getting the help that I need. Not being given the instruction needed etc...

Well, 2 days off to relax and do some housework and whatnot. And hopefully some scrapping too *giggles* Check out my new blog on digital scrapbooking. I want to learn to make my own scrapbooking elements. But until then, I'll just be posting my creations & challenges I partake in. --> --> --->   Magickal Makings.

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